Sunday, May 2, 2010

Playing Hookie at Disneyland

Of course we had to wait in line ( the longest of the day) to see all the princesses. Oleana liked telling Ariel that her Mama has the same name! Also notice the wardrobe change. Oleana really wanted to be fancy for when they saw the princesses.
Oleana really wanted to get her picture taken with The Characters this time. Oona was the one that really wanted to find Micky Mouse. We had to rush all the way across the park to catch him in his house before he left to go to the parade. We were just in time!
The Storybook boat ride. Our "captian" told Oleana and Oona that they could sit on the bow and be Whale Watchers! Needless to say, they loved this!
Oleana on the Dumbo ride.

Check out Oona's tigger stuffy hanging from her zipper. She really got into the Disneyland Spirit! Oleana was also excited to show Oona around Disneyland. The last time we were there Oona was just a baby.

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