Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day 2010

Our May Day was quite busy. We started the day with the Hedgerow mayday celebration at Will Rogers Park. It was another lovely day making flower garlands, dancing 'round the maypole and picnicing with all of the Hedgrow friends old and new.

Usually the girls and I start our May Day with the delivery of May Day baskets of flowers to all of our friends in the neighborhood. Today, we had Hedgerow's celebration in the morning so our deliveries had to wait until after naptime. Here is Oleana very carefully hanging a basket of flowers on Luna's gate. It is so much fun for the girls to sneak up to the doors and hang the baskets and then rush away. Oona always had a look of terror on her face as she ran away as if a monster might be opening the door and making chase at any moment! But then once we got to the next house she was ready to do it again.

Oleana really enjoyed being one of the "big girls" this year! She did all the dances and ran around with all her old friends. Oona was not quite as keen on the event. She got some little splinters in her hand making it difficult to hold the ribbons and it was not much fun after that. ..

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