Friday, November 11, 2016


We first heard of Piper from one of Umma's friends. We told them that we were looking for a nice, family, dog and she told us about Piper. Piper's owners had left the country and had to leave Piper behind. They owned a guard dog facility and Piper stayed there for a year until we heard of her. They said that a man wanted to adopt her, but she had the opportunity to speak with a dog communicator. Apparently , Piper said that she didn't want to go with the man, she wanted to wait for a family.
Just a little while after that Umma, Oona and I went back to Seattle for the summer. Appa stayed in Kenya. After a lot of begging over Skype, he agreed to go see Piper. He thought that she would not be a good family dog because she looked old and not very healthy. Every time we Skyped with him, me and Oona would say, "We want Piper! We want Piper!" When we came back from Seattle, we went to go look at her. A man brought her over and the came right over to me and Oona and bumped her head on one of the chairs! Then we gave her a lot of treats which she enjoyed very much. It also resulted in a lot of tooting later on. We talked with someone for about ten minutes and then me and Oona both asked, "So can we get her? Please?" And then Umma and Appa said yes and Piper jumped in the car. Umma and Appa kept looking at each other on the way home like "What have we done? We have a strange dog in the back of the car..."

Above are pictures of Piper at the guard dog facility.

We were given a demonstration (which we never really asked for) of how they trained dogs. Above are pictures of men wearing (very flimsy and sketchy looking) protection clothes training dogs.

Taking Piper for one of her first walks in our neighborhood. See how skinny she is!

Piper sunbathing in the backyard.

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