Saturday, May 25, 2013

little things

tiny white mushroom
 I have not posted of our adventures lately.  Actually we have not been going on too many big adventures.  Mostly just the small everyday kind of adventures.  These are some of the "little things" that we have encountered in our days living in Nairobi.  

little baby hyrax all in a row

See that little lump off to the right?  That's a baby hippo with it's mama!
We saw both the hyrax and the hippo on a trip to the Nairobi national park. These are two animals that we have never seen before (in the wild) so it was pretty exciting.  There were actually several baby hippos in this little lake.  They were frolicking with their parents; splashing and leaping and snorting.     

beautiful little grass hopper - found on a walk in Karura Forest

little Oona posing with her "monkey face" artwork

Oleana posing as small Marie Curie in the school art show

the smaller Ms. Curie - made by Oleana

 The girls both participated in the end of year Art exhibition at their school.  There was also a musical performance where each girl sang and danced with their classes up on stage.  These girls may be shy in person, but they are not shy on stage!  They both have quite a stage presence and obviously enjoy being there.  

Nile with his tiny date, Oona heading to a daddy daughter dinner

Oleana and her friend - at the "mini Nairobi world cup"

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