Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The International School of Kenya - ISK

we arrive at school 8:05 am

Oleana puts her backpack in her cubby 8:10

Oona gives us a quick tour of her classroom 8:15 am

the bell (hand held old-style) rings 8:20 am
We are going into our fourth week of school already.  Hard to believe - the weeks just seem to fly by.  The girls both love school. Phew!!  I really didn't know what to expect when we left our sweet little Ocean Charter, Waldorf inspired school in Los Angeles to come to an Academic International school here in Kenya.  ISK, as it is called (International School of Kenya) has turned out to be alright.  The girls both have really good teachers.  They have made some friends.  They even seem to be enjoying the homework!  Oona likes to feel big and grown-up doing homework alongside her sister.  And Oleana breezes through hers as usual and then enjoys helping Oona with her work.

After only two weeks of school Oleana's class held mid year elections for class leadership positions.  Everyone in the class had to write an campaign speech, but you did not actually have to run for office if you chose not to.  Oleana (to my surprise) decided to run for Vice President.  She wrote an excellent speech, presented it to the class and she won!  She is very proud, and we are very proud of her.  The day that she learned about her new title was the night of Obama's inauguration!  How perfect is that! FYI, you will need to address her as Ms. Vise President when you see her in the future.

We are, at last, settled in our new house.  It is good to have all of our furniture and belongings - they all made it safely on their long over-sea journey.  I will post some updated house photos soon.
I pick up the girls and we walk to the car-park 3:20 pm

Elementary school office and yard

Oona's kinder classroom and part of the tree shaded kinder yard

art complex

Elementary art studio

corridor in the art complex

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