Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Out the window

I took these photos out the car window.  Don't worry, Nile was driving.  I thought it might be interesting to see what we see as we drive along the roads here in Nairobi.  There are many small roadside stands selling food.  Sometimes these consist only of a few rocks grouped together with a fire in the middle for roasting corn.  Public transportation is not great; consisting mainly of privately owned minivans called Matatus.  They are supposed to seat 14 passengers, but they are often so full that someone has to hang on in the open doorway.  So, people do a lot of walking in spite of the fact that there are very few sidewalks.

The dirt road pictured above is "the new bypass road"  It is not finished, and the city does not really want people to drive on it yet.  Obviously they use it anyway.  Rather than a barrier or cones that we might see in the States,  to discourage people from using it workers have placed large rocks randomly along the road that one has to swerve to avoid.  Crazy.  Once this road is finished it will cut the commute from Nile's office to the school down by 2/3...some day.

This last photo is what we see when we arrive at the girl's school. 

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