Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our new house

We got to spend some time at our new rental house this morning.  The house is entirely constructed from these organically shaped stones, with wood interior details and a tile roof.  The glass and iron work on the roof is a skylight that lets tons of light into the space.  The girls are playing on a climbing frame in the yard that needs a little tlc, but is fun none the less.

 There is a wrap around patio on the back side of the house overlooking a ravine with a small creek at the bottom.  The outdoor fireplace can also be used as a grill for the Kenyan national dish "Nyama Choma."  Which essentially means wood-fire grilled goat or lamb with chili paste and a chopped tomato and onion kind of  salsa on the side that you eat only with fingers.  The yard is large but on a steep slope.  There are many beautiful large trees and a level area with the climbing frame for the girls to play.

We are in a neighborhood called Lake View which is entirely gated and feels very quiet and safe.  Many of the houses in this area were built in the same style  - probably sometime in the 60s.

We are off to Mt. Kenya tomorrow for Christmas.  I'll try to take lots of pictures.

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