Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summer Happenings

New matching dresses inspire an impromptu ballet performance

Guemes Island ferry

Uncles and Auntie

Look! No front teeth!

Cool secret stairs at Camp Long in W. Seattle

A drizzly day in Seattle

Sitting on an Oregon coast dune in the hot sand.  One of our stops on the drive from Seattle to Los Angeles

Running on the sand and watching our footprints

A stop in the middle of the redwood forest.  Sitting in a tree house carved from inside a redwood tree.  It even had an upstairs (looking out the little heart windows)....still on our way back to Los Angeles.

Camping at Leo Carrillo, Malibu Oleana and Oona pretended to build a fire with some broken cinder blocks that they found in the bushes near our campsite.

Inspired by something Picasso once did with a slow shutter speed on a traditional camera; we took pictures of designs made with fire on the end of a long stick.

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